Elden Ring: Grabbing the Mighty Commander’s Standard

Hey Elden Ring players, how are you? A great new tool is about to be added to your collection. Are you interested? If you’re all about the Strength build, you have to get your hands on the Commander’s Standard. The Halberd has the longest range of any weapon in its class, which makes it a very powerful tool. In addition, it has a special ability that makes both your offensive and defense skills better. That’s really cool. Let’s talk about how to get this famous weapon.

First, Defeat Commander O’Neil

To get the Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring, you’ve got a bit of a challenge ahead. You need to defeat its current owner, Commander O’Neil. He’s an optional boss hanging out in Aeonia Swamp, so you might miss him if you’re not looking carefully. But trust me, his weapon is worth the detour. Plus, beating him is key for completing Gowry’s and Millicent’s quests.

Finding Commander O’Neil in Aeonia Swamp

Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring is chilling in the eastern part of Aeonia Swamp. To find him, start at the Inner Aeonia Site of Grace and then head south. Keep your eyes peeled – he won’t just be waiting out in the open.

Prepare for a Tough Elden Ring Battle

A heads-up: Commander O’Neil isn’t a pushover. He’s tough and can summon Exile Soldier spirits to help him. Also, his attacks can cause the super annoying Scarlet Rot status. So, you’ll need to be extra careful when fighting him.

Tips for the Fight

  • Use Ranged Combat: If you can fight from a distance, that’s a great strategy. Spirit Ashes can be super helpful here, as they can draw his attacks away from you.
  • Hop on Torrent: If you’re worried about getting hit with Scarlet Rot, riding around on Torrent (your trusty steed) can help you dodge those nasty attacks.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Prefer up-close battles? Try hit-and-run tactics. Dash in, land a few hits, and then back off before he can hit you too hard.

Defeating Commander O’Neil

Once you finally take down Commander O’Neil in Elden Ring, the Commander’s Standard is yours! It’s a great feeling, not just because you beat a tough boss, but because you’ve got a new, powerful weapon to use.

Why You Want the Commander’s Standard

So, why should you be excited about this Halberd? Well, besides its awesome range and damage, its special skill is a game-changer. It can give you a serious edge in battles, making you stronger and tougher HOLYSLOT88 to take down.

Conclusion: Your Reward Awaits

In conclusion, getting the Commander’s Standard in Elden Ring is a cool challenge with a great reward. By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be ready to face Commander O’Neil and claim your prize. Good luck, and enjoy your new, powerful weapon!